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Vita Liberata’s mission is to help you achieve safe, healthy, glowing skin with the best self-tan range in the world. All of the products are non-toxic odourless, organic, paraben free and bursting with natural extracts like hyaluron, pomegranate, yam and ginko biloba, designed to moisturise and hydrate the skin. Formulated specifically to contain no alcohol or perfume, the tan dries instantly and fades perfectly, just like a natural tan with no snake skin or patches.

Vita liberate is Available to buy in salon for home use also!

Vita Liberata spray application:

Full body application |  €28*

Half body application | €20*

*Top up within 7 days and receive a discount:  



  • Be sure to exfoliate thoroughly before coming in - your tan will look more ravishing if you exfoliate each day for a few days before coming in. Smooth, healthy skin ensures a beautiful finish as well as a look that lasts and lasts!

  • Don’t come in with body moisturiser, deodorant or make-up on - we don't want any skin barriers blocking the spray tan.

  • Be sure to apply face moisturiser

  • Wear loose clothing and flip flops - this ensures any residue can properly dry. You don't want your tan sticking to your clothes afterwards or tight jeans disrupting your coverage.

  • Shave any areas before you come in.

  • After your spray, don’t get wet - avoid washing hands, be careful with drinking and avoid the rain as this can me you dotty.

  • Leave at least 8 hours before showering your tan off - we like to leave it longer and sleep overnight with it for optimum results.

  • Once in the shower, let the water run clear - Do not fear this isn't the tan washing off but just the guide colour we use when spraying. Once clear, wash the important bits but don't scrub. Pat dry after but again, don't rub and be gentle.

  • Moisturise daily to prolong it - results last around a week.

  • Just a reminder, the more you shower, use a pool or exercise, the quicker it will fade.


 * Vita liberata is available to buy in salon for home use we have a large range of face and body tanning home care for all skin types and shades. at home tanning products are great to use after your spray tan to help it last even longer !


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